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Human Creativity: A Superpower Worth Preserving

Our inaugural post highlights the power of creativity in my PR journey. From a breakthrough moment on a crowded bus to founding C Me Communications. Explore how creativity, a genuine human superpower, can bring meaningful change to our lives: a uniquely human gift worth celebrating.

Human Creativity: A Human Superpower Worth Preserving

Creativity is a remarkable force; it can emerge in unexpected places, under peculiar circumstances. The beauty of creativity is that it can strike when you least expect it. Let me share a moment from my own experience – a time when I found myself seated at the back of a packed bus, travelling from downtown Vancouver to a ferry destined for my island home.

In that less-than-ideal, cramped space, a thought crystallized in my mind, one so transformative it would propel me into a new career trajectory. You could say it was one of those “Aha moments” to borrow Oprah’s phrase.

In that moment three words flashed before my eyes: Creative, Media, Expression. With those initial three letters, “C Me,” the foundation of C Me Communications, an ethical PR agency, was born on a bus, altering the course of my life and leading to unexpected, invaluable learning experiences. In my 18 years of working in PR, collaborating independently with a diverse client base, I’ve come to appreciate that no idea is too small not to be considered.

According to Richard Sima, a neuroscientist turned journalist, “Many of our best thoughts don’t happen at work or school — but occur while going about our days with ideas incubating in the background.” I can personally attest to this truth – these breakthroughs often come as a type of human superpower we cannot ignore.

As our world relies more and more on AI technology and creative brainstorming with human teams diminishes, it’s important to remember that creativity is an inherently human experience. It’s a reminder that when we let our minds wander, whether on a crowded bus or elsewhere, we may stumble upon an epiphany on wheels that alters the course of our lives for the better.


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