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Our Expertise

Message & Story Development

The right story can compel and inspire people to take unexpected actions. By delivering your message authentically we create positive impacts that make a difference in the lives of others. 

Our message & story development expertise enables us to craft messages that influence, convey empathy and lead to more measurable outcomes that drive change. We are storytellers here to communicate the story you were born to tell.

Media Campaigns & Content Strategy

C Me specializes in crafting compelling media campaigns and strategic content that lie at the core of your impactful narrative. Whether you’re a changemaker, notable leader, purpose-driven entrepreneur, or industry innovator, we bring intentionality and responsibility to each story and campaign, elevating your credibility and message.

Experience the power of a media campaign and story that resonates and sparks positive change.

Presentation & Media Training

Whether you’re gearing up for a crucial interview, a high-stakes stakeholder presentation, or stepping into the role of a spokesperson, preparation is key to a successful outcome. At C Me Communications, we excel at delivering customized presentation and media training sessions, ensuring our clients are comfortable, poised, and set to convey their ideas with a compelling presence.

Drawing from our experience as former journalists and spokespeople, we’ve been both behind and in front of the camera. Our mission is to eliminate the guesswork, equipping you to stay on message, communicate effectively, and seamlessly connect with your audience across various platforms. Our tailored training has empowered Order of Canada recipients, Mayors, Ministers, CEOs, Olympic champions, social entrepreneurs, and impact leaders.


Social Justice Initiatives & Advocacy

Regenerative Tourism

Health & Climate Wellness

Agriculture & Food Security

Arts, Entertainment & Culture