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Navigating 2024: Lessons from the Rearview Mirror

Staying on track in our professional lives takes more than simply moving forward. In this blog post, I explore how intuition and reflection can reshape our trajectory and get us onto the path of least resistance.

Navigating 2024: Lessons from the Rearview Mirror

“Sometimes you have to look back to move forward.” This mantra has served me well. Now into 2024, what adjustments are you planning to make to build momentum? For me, 2023 had its lessons, things I would certainly do differently. I would change prioritizing values; if something isn’t serving, it’s time to walk away gracefully.

In a prior blog, I explored the significance of integrity and staying true to oneself and one’s values in navigating opportunities. If you’re unsure about a potential career fit, there is likely a reason for this. Trust your instincts; it might be your intuition trying to guide you. Listening to our intuition is hard, but try looking back, you might find a past example of when your inner voice elbowed you in the ribs.

Before embracing the role of an ethical publicist, I interviewed with one of Canada’s largest agricultural non-profits. Despite landing the job, something felt amiss, even with financial pressures like paying my rent. In a candid meeting with the Executive Director, I was honest, I had to follow my gut and pursue other options. Not only did he appreciate my decision to trust my intuition, but he also forwarded my resume to another organization. This move led to a position where I gained invaluable experience from PR professionals and a mentor who would guide me. The rest is history.

With the new year unfolding, there is still time to plant seeds for professional growth. Pursuing work that aligns with your purpose brings rewards and greater fulfillment. Now is the perfect time for a self-check-in. Drawing on past experiences as invaluable lessons, you might unearth the wisdom that propels you forward with a renewed sense of self-worth and empowerment. Take a look back. It might be the best way to steer you forward.


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