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Integrity: My PR North Star since 2005

Embracing integrity has certainly shaped my professional journey. It has also fostered a sense of belonging, grounding me within a community with like-minded individuals. Here’s a blog dedicated to my relationship with integrity, which I’ll explore more this year. 

Integrity: My PR North Star since 2005

In my professional life, one word takes the lead: integrity. Crack open the thesaurus, and it’s right there, rubbing shoulders with words like honesty, uprightness, honour, and good character. It’s more than a word to me; it’s my moral GPS. Early in my career, I aspired to align my work with my values, committing to career choices I felt would make a difference. Time and again, taking this path has inspired and energized me.

Looking back at C Me Communications’ journey from an ethical PR company to a modernized, purpose-driven agency, the path of integrity has been central in holding my professional life together. From my early roots in broadcast journalism, where my yearning for work with meaning and purpose emerged, it became clear then that staying true to myself would play a crucial role in grounding how I would define my future.

Today, integrity is one of the values that define my PR journey. Working with clients who respect the planet, ourselves, and our place in the world has shaped my path, infusing a sense of purpose into my work. Partnering with social impact clients catalyzes my passion for positive change.

Guided by my PR North Star, my work’s mission is to elevate impactful projects and leaders, making our world better for future generations. Here’s to weaving integrity into our every day this year – an enduring principle steering us toward a more conscientious future and serving as our inner call to action!


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